Common Garage Door Problems

When it comes to garage door issues, numerous problems can crop up. Residential garage door repairs in general are something that can be dangerous,especially given the number of often complicated and mechanical situations that make up this segment of the garage door repair industry. Here are some of those issues to consider:

Doors Making Noises

The wheel tracks, hinges and bearings for a garage door need to be serviced and maintained in order to work consistently. Otherwise, the doors can become jammed or otherwise won’t function in the proper manner.

In addition, obstructions, broken parts and other things within the tracks can create garage door malfunctions. However, KJ’s Garage Door Repair professionals should be brought in to make those kinds of adjustments and check that the other mechanical parts are properly adjusted, tightened, and in good working order. The industry standard for regular service maintenance by a garage door repair pro is at minimum once per year.

Spring Malfunctions

Finely tuned and maintained springs are something that garage doors need to run smoothly, but they do wear out over time and can fail, break or lose the ability to function as needed. This is where the experienced pros with KJ’s Garage Door Repair can be invaluable.

The right style and size of springs, properly installed by trained technicians, will keep your garage door opening and closing correctly. Springs require that they are correctly wound in order to work properly. In far too many cases, people that have tried to replace springs on their own and it has resulted in major problems with door functionality and serious injury.

Snapped, Unwound Cables

The inherent danger with springs can be minimized when safety cables have been properly installed and maintained. They serve as a control mechanism for the springs, but they can also become frayed, snapped and/or unwound. There have been instances, depending on the age, maintenance and more of a garage, that the structure may not even have these. Without them there is also the very real possibility of being unable to open a garage door and you now have vehicles trapped inside!

Track Misalignments

Over time and use, the tracks can become warped, bent or otherwise misaligned. When this occurs, opening and closing the door can become difficult, dangerous or completely impossible. Reach out to trained garage door repair pros like those at KJ’s Garage Door Repair to safely and accurately solve this potentially hazardous repair.

Sensor Issues

Garage door issues related to sensors are something that develop routinely. Things like dust, leaves, spider webs and more can block or interrupt their performance. Always make sure that nothing is blocking the sensors, that they are aligned evenly and note if indicator lights are steady, flashing, and whether they are red or green. Garage doors that work sporadically or fail to open and close smoothly can be related to a sensor problem.