Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions form a part of the agreement on the face hereof between the Customer and KJ’s Garage Door Repair.

  1. Cancellation
    1. Customer has the right to cancel their service appointment up to 12 hours prior to the appointment window. New door Replacements may not be cancelled once the door has been ordered from the manufacturer under any circumstances.
  2. Dates and Prices
    1. All scheduled installations and service dates are subject to KJ’s Garage Door Repairs availability schedule, KJ’s Garage Door Repair will make reasonable efforts to meet the date(s)/time(s) quoted. However, KJ’s Garage Door Repair will not be liable for its failure to meet the quoted dates or for any delay in performance due to unforeseen circumstances or shortages, due to causes beyond its control, or due to its voluntary or mandatory compliance with any governmental act, regulation, or request. If, by reason of such circumstances, KJ’s Garage Door Repair supplies of the equipment and/or service (hereinafter the Product(s)) are limited, KJ’s Garage Door Repair shall have the right to allocate its available supply among its customers in such manner as it, in its sole discretion, determines appropriate.
    2. Should Customer request a change in the estimated installation or Service completion dates or otherwise cause delay in delivery or request that the Products be shipped to a location other than the original location agreed upon, or request any work other than as provided in any verbal or written estimates, any/all pricing quoted may no longer apply and be subject to change and the Customer shall be responsible for any/all costing arising from/with said changes.
  3. Payment
    1. Payment for all work completed by KJ’s Garage Door Repair on all service calls shall be due immediately upon completion of work.
    2. For new door replacements/installations, Customer agrees that KJ’s Garage Door Repair has the right to file a Mechanic’s lien if payment in full is not made within 15 days of project’s completion.
  4. Installation
    1. For Products requiring installation by KJ’s Garage Door Repair service personnel, it is the responsibility of Customer to prepare the site environmentally and provide the required services, power, permits, licenses, approvals, etc. Because KJ’s Garage Door Repair’s service personnel will be required to enter upon Customer’s premises, Customer hereby undertakes to maintain its premises in a safe condition and to comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations governing workplace health and safety, and hereby accepts full responsibility for any harm or injury to, or liability arising from work performed by KJ’s Garage Door Repair’s personnel while on Customer’s premises, except to the extent caused solely by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of KJ’s Garage Door Repair’s personnel.
    2. Customer is responsible for fully clearing ten feet of space from just inside the garage door and for a 110v power outlet within 1 foot of any new garage door opener being installed..
  5. Warranty
    1. All Products purchased by and installed by KJ’s Garage Door Repair are covered by a five year warranty, All Labor/Installation of those materials includes a six-month warranty.
    2. KJ’s Garage Door Repair does not warranty any products that are already customer owned and/or were not purchased directly from KJ’s Garage Door Repair. Any product deemed customer owned, but installed by KJ’s Garage Door Repair personnel, is the soul and complete responsibility of the customer, as are any/all damages resulting from installation of customer owned equipment.